SPORT 2000 FS 2017 Fitness

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New Tamron Lens

We tested the new Tamron SP 70-200mm G2 under extreme conditions – making of below.

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«The Crew» for Baldessarini HW17/18

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BFF Triebwerk Exhibition in Berlin


The contribution of Thomas Kettner to this outstanding photographic exhibition of BFF in Berlin, which is also part of EMOP.  Thanks to all participating artists and specially to the team that organized it!


New Work for Baldessarini


A true road warrior production!

Good morning to life!


A true «Caspar David Friedrich» – on our way to Mont Blanc. Let’s rock&roll for Gina Laura OUTDOOR!

Pas de Deux


Thomas Kettner´s  picture: «Pas de Deux 01» was auctioned for 2.800,00€ yesterday in Hamburg. The money went to «Welthungerhilfe» an organization that combats worldwide hunger and poverty. The auction was organized by Simone Bruns in Hamburg.

Baldessarini FS17


Shot last week in Venice, seen today! Holy Cow!

Trinity Magazin 007


Working on TRINITY 007, in cold and rainy London – with Olivia Jackson – unbelievable!!! Great work – Sayuri Bloom (Fashiondirector) , Caroline Torbahn (Hair&Makeup) and Malte Sasse. Olivia Jackson, my model – with her I started the project in Capetown, diving with the huge ragged tooth sharks, flying the combat helicopter at tree level, went through an ordeal that has no comparison. After the terrible accident on the last chapter of film «Resident Evil», where she was performing a stunt, she is fighting her way back into life. This is the last picture of her, with her paralyzed arm. Now on her way back to recover, with the amputated arm, we are looking forward to finish the story – as a tribute to Olivia – encouraging her and us to never give up!

New Tamron SP 150-600mm


Tamron Magazin Nr. 2

Breathtaking Wildlife shoot in Namibia with the new TAMRON SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2. Namibia, one of my favorite countries in the world. The cheetah is a highly endangered species and it´s our duty to open everybody’s eyes to help  CCF on their road to save this phantastic animal from extinction. It was an amazing time to «hunt» this animal – with this stunning lens!


Sport 2000 HW 16/17


Fantastic morning in the Abruzzos! Great Production for Sport 2000. A place, so far away from anything I know in Europe. They call this «little Tibet». A week ago, there was snow everywhere. 2 days prior the roads were opened. The clouds remained in this picturesce shape for 4 hours – wow, never seen this before! I am very proud to have Gela Allmann with us on this shoot, as this is also a part of her «fight back to life» – more about Gela here. Yours, Thomas


© Thomas Kettner, Hamburg,

A super crisp and fast 85mm 1.8 was to be tested under unusual circumstances. An adventure on an offshore fishing vessel during a 48hours tour was to bring those results. And it did. Unbelieveable as well, Aad van der Linden – a father (72years) of a model Remco van der Linden, was the star in this photoshoot. It was his very first time as a model and a very first time after almost 30 years of personal isolation after a most tragic accident. making-Of film done by Krolop und Gerst, Alex Müller, Production: NorthSouth Productions

Studio Untold

© Thomas Kettner, Hamburg,

Cuba – Production: Islandproduction Cuba – catalog, social media and instagram videos. Cameraoperator Malte Sasse, directed by Thomas Kettner.