Thomas Kettner, renowned Photographer, Creative Director, Film Director and Publisher, born in 1960 in Stuttgart, Germany and raised in Johannesburg – South Africa. He is working worldwide almost 40 years for fashion and advertising clients. They all value his professional, artistic advice and his personality. Thomas stands for a human attitude, authenticity and a high amount of professionalism with a young, talented team around him with the readiness to assume the necessary risk for the perfect result. He  seeks the image that can not be arranged, that needs time to evolve and presumes courage. He is not to shy to listen to the young, adding his experience, embracing the newest technologies to create the best result, still or moving contend.


Decorated with numerous international awards for almost 4 decades he is well known for his professionalism in fashion, advertising, people and lifestyle photography and film-making, as well as a symbol for experimental photography and artwork.

Thomas: „It’ s fascinating for me to create my pictures and films, to inspire people with their own longings. My photographic projects delivers them with a wide range of possibilities and experience through the journey itself  and through the photographic work, with light, color, perspective and last but not least through human touch&communication.“

He gets involved with several cooperate social projects supporting the German Doctors or the survival of the Cheetahs in South Africa and Namibia at the CCF.  His artworks are regularly sold for a good cause at auctions. As a publisher of the NORTHLETTERS magazine he fosters young artists.

He dedicated 12 years of his life, being a member of the board of the renowned German Photographers/ and Filmmakers-Association BFF. During that time many of the visions were created, that today seem unthinkable, if they were not already there.

„The future just begins now, my long lasting experience in combination with my young and talented team allows me to walk the path of unknown routes like Walt Disney once said: „ If you can dream it, you can do it!“


2023/24 – 200 Best AD Photographers World Wide,  2022/23 – 200 Best AD Photographers World Wide, 2020 – International Color Awards – Fashion, 2019 – Black&White Spider Awards – Outstanding Achievement, 2019 – Black&White Spider Awards  – Merit of Excellence, 2019 – Black&White Spider Awards – Fashion, – 2019 – Top 10 Fine Art Photographers Contest  – People and Portrait, 2015 – BFF Terra Incognita – Silber, 2014 – Deutscher Designers Club – Award, 2013 – BFF Magazin Award Merit, 2011 – Designpreis Deutschland – 2012 – nominated, 2011 – Deutscher Fotobuch Preis – nominated, 2010 – International red dot design award 2010 – Cresta – New York advertising festival – Finalist, 2008 – nominated for the Design Prize of Germany, 2007 – German Photobook Award, 2006 – Annual London International Advertising Award – Finalist, 2006 – CANON international ProFashional Award – Finalist,  2006 – German Designers Club – Silber, 2006 – International red dot design award, 2005 – Kodak Calendershow – Finalist, 2005 – International Calender Show – Silber, 2001 – Cresta – New York advertising festival – Finalist, 1998 – All Japan Calender Competition -Silber, 1998 – Cresta – New York advertising festival – Finalist, 1996 – Artdirectors Club Germany – Finalist, 1993 – Cresta – New York advertising festival – Finalist, 1990 – novum – world of graphic design – Finalist